Tips On How To Find The Right Property For You

Published September 14, 2022  10:14 PM    Location If you are looking for a new home, deciding where to buy should be the first thing you look at. Consider choosing specific roads or estates  instead of just a general location. To acquire a sense of a place, assess the general state of properties, and determine […]

What Documents Are Needed In Greece To Sell A Property

Published September 9, 2022  12:12 PM   The owner/seller must invest the necessary time and energy (or hire a professional) to issue and gather all of the relevant certifications and paperwork in order to be allowed to sell (transfer) a property in Greece.     Those are:   Tax Clearance Certificate from a civil engineer […]

How To Buy A Real Estate Property Using Cryptocurrency

Published September 7, 2022  13:19 PM   Cryptocurrency is quickly establishing itself as a legitimate form of payment. Numerous high-profile transactions have only ever used digital money. This is a particularly helpful alternative for anyone wishing to send money abroad. It can be done swiftly, easily, and economically through extremely secure networks.   The real […]

How To Apply For a Property Visa In Dubai

Published August 16, 2022  12:29 PM   What requirements must be present before receiving a Dubai Property Investor Visa?   Ten-year visa To apply for a ten-year Residence Visa in Dubai, you must:     Make investments in public projects worth at least AED 10 million. There are several investing options, including: A minimum AED […]

VAT On Property In Cyprus

Published August 09, 2022  15:00 PM     Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax that must be paid when purchasing a new home. VAT is not applied to purchases of new or used items from a developer with a construction permit issued prior to May 1, 2004, on the secondary housing market.     […]