Published August 16, 2022  12:29 PM


What requirements must be present before receiving a Dubai Property Investor Visa?


Ten-year visa

To apply for a ten-year Residence Visa in Dubai, you must:




The spouse and children of the applicant are eligible for the long-term visa. There is also room on the visa for one executive director and one advisor. Foreign investors may apply for a six-month multiple-entry permit.


Five-year visa

You need to invest in real estate in Dubai to be qualified for a five-year visa.



The following prerequisites must be met before a visa can be issued:



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Three-year visa

For people who have made an investment in a Dubai property worth more than AED 750,000, the Dubai Land Department offers this visa. You will be eligible for a number of benefits, including the ability to apply for a UAE identification card, driver’s license, and family sponsorship.



You must fulfil the requirements listed below in order to be eligible:



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