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Your Next Investment Is Here


The Republic of Cyprus is the ideal place to make successful investments. This serves as a pillar of stability and forward progress. Despite the recent economic slowdown, vital indicators are growing significantly according to the latest financial statistics.


The Republic of Cyprus has effectively fended off the threat of terrorism and xenophobia, which also benefits the country’s internal environment.



The greatest approach to invest in a profitable future security plan for your money is to purchase Cyprus real estate, such as homes and apartments. You will have a variety of opportunities as a result of this:



Cyprus Citizenship by Real Estate Investment


The Republic of Cyprus is a fantastic country with a ton of benefits, from a moderate, sunny climate to a well-developed infrastructure. In addition, to moving to Europe and taking advantage of the rights and benefits available to EU citizens, thousands of international visitors come to Cyprus each year to unwind comfortably while on holiday. Cyprus also draws a large number of business people and entrepreneurs because of its friendly tax policies and advantageous location, which enable effective international trade.


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The Cypriot government has developed a specific program for the rapid acquisition of citizenship by investment in order to boost local economic activity. A firm with at least 5 Cypriot employees, government securities, local company shares, or residential or commercial real estate are all acceptable investment options. Additionally, you have the option to combine many investments. But for a variety of reasons, the majority of foreigners opt to buy real estate as their primary route to citizenship.


  1. You can rent out your house in Cyprus and earn passive
  2. By buying a home, villa, or apartment, you can create a relaxing environment for the entire family to live
  3. Property value growth in Cyprus makes real estate investments profitable.



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Who Is Eligible to Gain Cypriot Citizenship When Purchasing A Real Estate Investment?


The citizenship by investment program is open to any adult investors who have at least EUR 2,000,000 and are willing to invest it in the Cyprus economy. Such investors must adhere to certain requirements.


  1. A participant in the program cannot be barred from immigration or have a criminal
  2. It is important to confirm the legitimacy of the sources of the investment



It is not essential to reside in Cyprus at the time of application or afterward in order to gain Cypriot citizenship when purchasing real estate. Additionally, the investor is spared from having to complete history and language exams. Since Cyprus law permits dual citizenship, there is no need to renounce your home country’s citizenship. It is forbidden to mention getting a local passport.


The Advantages of Getting Cypriot Citizenship


You can move into the Republic without spending at least EUR 2,000,000 on real estate. It is sufficient to invest EUR 500,000. The remaining funds can be utilized to launch a business or to buy securities. You can do this by purchasing shares, bonds, other securities, real estate, or opening a business. The program advantages are 6 months to obtain a Cyprus Citizen passport that guarantees EU benefits and freedoms and 3 years to return the investment by selling the purchased real estate or securities.


When buying real estate, the investor and his entire family receive Cypriot citizenship. Participants in the program may include their spouses, minor children, and financially dependent kids under the age of 28. The duration of citizenship is unlimited. Real estate can be sold again in 5 years to recoup your investment while passports only need to be updated every 10 years.


How To Acquire Citizenship In Cyprus When Purchasing Real Estate?


After submitting an application, it takes six months for Cyprus, an EU member, to issue a passport with the appropriate rights and advantages. Immediately after buying the property, you can begin this process. The process has certain unique characteristics of its own, though. The entire citizenship application procedure can be broken down into a number of crucial steps.


Choose The Suitable Property


The following criteria must be decided upon in advance in order to successfully acquire Cypriot citizenship when purchasing residential or commercial property.


  1. The goal of the Cyprus property acquisition
  2. Geographic region
  3. Affluent infrastructure
  4. The region’s recreational workload


For instance, choosing the luxury villas on the red line will be the greatest option if you want to have a relaxing family holiday or rent out real estate in Cyprus profitably. They provide access to a private beach and the sea, as well as space for numerous vehicles, a swimming pool, a patio, and a flower garden.


white building photographt


Consider adding heaters for the winter and solar panels to reduce your reliance on electricity for air conditioning maintenance if you gain Cypriot citizenship and want to live there permanently.


Preparation Of Documents To Obtain Cyprus Citizenship

The following documents are delivered to Cyprus’ Ministry of Internal Affairs, where they are reviewed within six months


  1. A citizenship application form
  2. Adult program participants’ double
  3. A marriage license and a child’s birth certificate.
  4. Cyprus real estate sales
  5. Title (certificate of ownership).
  6. A receipt attesting to the deposit of money into the Cyprus Property Sellers
  7. Records containing thorough information on the quantity and source of investment


For citizenship, the Cypriot Government may require additional paperwork. The bundle of documents is given to the Cabinet of Ministers after being reviewed by the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Finance.

Citizenship in Cyprus Without Financial Commitment

You can still count on receiving a local passport if you are not prepared to contribute such a significant sum to the economy of the nation. A temporary residence visa must first be requested, followed five years later by an application for permanent residency.


Before you can seek citizenship in Cyprus, you will need to wait an additional two years. When purchasing real estate worth at least EUR 300,000, a residency permit is provided within two months.


Naturalization refers to the laborious process of acquiring citizenship in Cyprus. You must also reside in the nation for the full time. You can become a citizen of Cyprus in three years if you marry one.


Taxes for Buying Real Estate in Cyprus

Stamp Payment

The buyer is required to pay stamp duty at the time of contract signing at a rate of 0.151 percent of the property’s worth up to 170,860 euros and, consequently, at a rate of 0.201 percent on the portion of the property’s value that is greater than this sum.

Annual property Tax in Cyprus

Zero percent 0%


Russians and residents of any other country are exempt from paying taxes on their Cyprus property. However, there are additional taxes that must be paid at the time of purchase and sale.


Capital Gains Tax


The profit from the sale or resale of your property is subject to a capital gains tax of 20%. However, Russians and other foreign nationals who own and sell real estate in Cyprus are eligible for sizable benefits and deductions from income tax on those sales. Since profits are adjusted for inflation, there is very little overall taxation when benefits and deductions are included.


VAT (Value Added Tax) on Property in Cyprus


Only real estate that has been built and for which an application for authorization has been made to the appropriate authorities is liable to VAT at the standard rate, which is presently 19 percent ( %).


Misvaluations in local property tax assessments cause the tax burden to fall more heavily on Black, Latinx homeowners - Equitable Growth


However, beneficiaries who satisfy the following criteria now pay a reduced rate of 5%:



In 2012, the lower rate was made available to anyone who built or supplied residential properties to residents of other nations, provided that the homes would be utilized as a primary residence. If the property is being utilized for leasing, investing, or any other type of business, the discounted rate cannot be applied.


The first 200sqm of the property will always be subject to the 5% rate; any additional square footage will be subject to the usual 19 percent rate. For ten years, the aforementioned property must be used as the buyer’s primary residence. If this stipulation is not met, the buyer is responsible for making up the difference in VAT rates.


Permanent Residence Permit


Anyone who purchases their first home permanently in Cyprus starting on June 8, 2012, is eligible to apply for a VAT discount of up to 5%. It is no longer essential to first apply for permanent residency before submitting a request for a VAT rate decrease (as it formerly was). In order to utilize the property they purchase as a permanent residence for themselves and/or their families in Cyprus, the buyer must declare this purpose and obligation on the VAT form with the tax authorities, just like Cypriots do.


How to apply for permanent residence in the UK | Pearson PTE


Please take note that the buyer must pay the tax authorities the remaining amount of Cyprus VAT in the amount of 14 percent (19 percent, reduced by 5 percent) of the purchase price. If the buyer stops using his property as a permanent residence in Cyprus, including the resale of the property, within a period of less than 10 months from the date of its ownership.


Important Notice:

Beginning on November 1, 2020, the Cyprus Investment Program will be temporarily paused and reevaluated in conjunction with the European Union.



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