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Greece Residency by Real Estate Investment


Non-EU nationals and their families may be awarded Greek residency in exchange for a real estate investment under the Immigration and Social Integration Code (Law 4251/2014, Government Gazette 1, no 80).


Greece boasts a pleasant climate, warm waters, and cordial citizens. People that desire to live in a warm climate, do business, or generate money from renting out real estate choose this nation as their permanent home. Other benefits of obtaining a residency permit and Greek citizenship include the opportunity to travel without a visa and to open an account with a European bank.


Through the Greece Golden Visa Program, it is possible to invest in order to become a citizen of Greece, however not right away. Applicants make investments in stock, real estate, or deposits. Once five years have passed, the money is refundable. 


Options for Investing in the Greek Golden Visa


You must make one of the following investments in order to be eligible for a Golden Visa for Greece:


Although you need typically be in Greece to complete your investment, if you grant a legal representative power of attorney, you can still accomplish it from a distance.


Who Qualifies for a Golden Visa for Greece?


In order to qualify for a Greek Golden Visa, you must:



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Advantage Of The Greek Golden Visa

Greek Golden Visas are among the most affordable in the EU and come with the following advantages:



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Greece Golden Visa duration


As long as you keep up the investment, the Golden Visa for Greece is valid for five years and can be extended indefinitely.

If you decide to stay in Greece, you can also apply for Greek citizenship after seven years of continuous residency.


Does Investment Qualify You for Greek Citizenship?


A Golden Visa and an investment in Greece are both required to become a citizen of Greece. As opposed to residency, you must pay taxes and live in Greece before you may apply for citizenship. Before you may petition for citizenship, you need to have lived in Greece for at least seven years.

In addition, you must be able to demonstrate that you have ties to the nation and at least rudimentary knowledge of Greek language and culture.


What Are The Required Documents To Apply For A Golden Visa


Real Estate Purchases



For Leasing A Hotel or Other Tourist Destination



For A Business Investment


Are there any language prerequisites for the Greece Residency application?


For investors evaluating Golden Visa Programs, is Greece a tax haven?


How Long Does The Procedure Take?




Documentation Needed for Investment-Based Residency in Greece


The following records are necessary for a successful Golden Visa Program application:


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A citizenship by investment program is not what the Greece Golden Visa program is. However, if you meet a number of requirements, you can be qualified to submit an application for citizenship in Greece after seven years.


The Prerequisites For Requesting Greek Citizenship Are Listed Below:


You should:


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