In accordance with the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security, applicants seeking virtual work residence visas in the UAE are not obliged to be present in the nation when submitting their applications.


Without a sponsor, this kind of visa enables foreign nationals to live and work virtually for companies based outside of the UAE.


According to the terms and conditions included with the visa, it has a full year of validity and may be renewed.


The ICP has a smart application on its website that permits visa applications (UAEICP). After receiving the entry permit, the applicant must enter the country within 60 days of the date of issuance in order to complete the requirements for the residence visa.


If the applicant does not enter the nation within this window, the permit will be deemed invalid.


The applicant must have a valid passport that is valid for at least six months, a recent colored photo, and health insurance that covers their time spent living in the UAE.


Additionally, he or she needs to have documentation of employment from their current job, including a one-year contract and a minimum monthly wage of $3,500. ( or its equivalent in a different currency).


It is necessary to provide the last month’s pay stub as well as the previous three months’ worth of bank statements.


The cost of the virtual working program is Dhs350 per individual.


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The entry permit will be delivered via the registered email after the necessary information has been entered, the necessary papers have been attached, and the payments have been paid.


If the applicant cannot meet the requirements within this time frame, the application will be refused electronically 30 days after it is returned owing to missing information or supporting documentation.


In addition, if it is returned three times for lack of information or supporting documentation, it will be rejected. If the ICP rejects the request, the money and any financial assurances are refunded.


The payments are repaid using a credit card no later than six months after the application is submitted, or they are refunded through the processes necessary to recover the fees by check or bank transfer to banks only in the nation, for a maximum of five years.


The UAE cabinet has approved a new Remote Operate Visas system that would allow workers from all over the world to work remotely from the UAE in an effort to recruit talent and experience from all over the world. Foreign nationals may enter the UAE unaccompanied and engage in employment in accordance with the terms and conditions of the one-year visa.


The significant move, which is regarded as the first of its type in the region, gives innovators and businesspeople in the UAE access to all necessary services, including top-notch utilities and telecoms, a safe and alluring business environment, and the chance to do so.


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Under Dubai’s initiative for virtual working, foreigners can move to Dubai (from outside the UAE) and carry on with their employers’ distant job.


For start-ups and entrepreneurs who meet the requirements and reside and work outside of the UAE, there is a virtual working program. If the UAE’s authorities approve the applicant’s request to live in Dubai, the applicant may also bring his or her family.


The program is available for one year and is extendable with a new application.


Beneficiaries of the virtual working program can access all services, including telecommunications, utilities, healthcare, and education. Additionally, they can benefit from Dubai’s strong and efficient digital infrastructure, chances for international networking, and absence of personal income tax.


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