The “Jewel of the Mediterranean” offers unspoiled scenery, from magnificent beaches to majestic mountains, a thriving history and culture, superb education and healthcare, as well as favourable tax and financial regulations. This is in addition to its fantastic location near several EU countries.


The Unique Features Of  Each District In Cyprus

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West of Cyprus, there is a beach region called Paphos. You’ll find lush forests and beaches that are a brilliant blue. This area has a strong infrastructure as well as a rich cultural heritage. The goddess of love “Aphrodite,” often referred to as Venus, was born in Paphos. Furthermore, Paphos offers a wonderful view of Venus on Cyprus’ numerous clear nights.


The Limassol district is included in the Southwest of Cyprus . After Nicosia, Limassol is the second-largest city in Cyprus and is highly rated for its high standard of living. Russians in particular admire Limassol’s outstanding gastronomic offerings and vibrant city life. Rent in particular is more expensive than the national average for Cyprus. Despite this, houses for sale in Limassol are rapidly sold out.


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The southernmost region of Cyprus has a beach region called Larnaca. It’s renowned for its historical structures and palm-lined beachfront. The city has a large number of theaters and art galleries in addition to over 100 educational institutions. Principal airport serving the island is Larnaca International Airport. Many foreigners, particularly Germans, call it home, and it serves as the island’s commercial center.


In the center of Cyprus, but without direct access to the sea, is the Nicosia district. In addition to being the largest city on the island, it serves as Cyprus’ capital. The last divided capital city in the world, Nicosia is a unique hub of business and culture with Greek and Turkish populations in opposite parts of the city. Fear not, as the two parties now coexist peacefully.


Eastern Cyprus is where Famagusta is situated. If you’re seeking for fun, visit Ayia Napa, the island of resort and party hub. At the same time, it is home to numerous historic structures as well as some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, complete with clear waters and stunning sandy beaches.


Are Businesses Welcome In Cyprus


Cyprus is a top choice globally for wealth management, tax planning, and business setup. The local workforce is well-educated, and English is commonly spoken. The business climate is generally friendly and open.


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Cyprus offers various financial benefits for businesses in addition to its advantageous position in Europe. There is no withholding tax in Cyprus, and the business income tax rate is just 12.5%. In addition, there is a low tax rate on intellectual property.


The laws for tax residents of Cyprus under the so-called “Non-Domicile” status are even more appealing nowadays (only 2 months in-country stay required instead of 6 months). Cyprus does not impose taxes on interest or dividend income earned outside the country, such as stock dividends and investment gains. For 17 years following approval, this status is assured.


Cyprus Real Estate Offers Excellent Value


Cyprus is a popular destination for foreigners, including retirees, digital nomads, investors, and businesspeople. If you’re looking for a home, a plot of land, an apartment, or a place to rent an office, Docrypto has the best properties available. 


We put you in touch with the most desirable real estate on the entire island. We also cover all high-end services for your house, such as security systems, cameras, and renewable PV systems.


Cyprus Healthcare System


Cyprus provides world-class healthcare that meets all requirements. Excellent facilities with cutting-edge technology include contemporary private hospitals and upscale clinics. In Cyprus, the General Healthcare System is officially referred to as GeSY. It was revised in 2020. All people of Cyprus now have access to free healthcare. Emergency and inpatient care are among the available services.


What is GeSY?

The new system for healthcare services in Cyprus is called GeSY, also referred to as the General Healthcare System (GHS) in English. Patients can register with their favourite doctor under the new Cyprus healthcare system GeSY, which will thereafter cover most or even all of their medical bills.

Living in Cyprus as permanent residents the procedure is rather simple: just open an account, register either online or on paper, provide the necessary supporting documents, and, if approved, you will be able to start getting healthcare at the medical facilities of your choosing.


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In addition to expanding its scope to include both the public and private sectors of participating medical facilities located on the island, GeSY will make healthcare more affordable and accessible with the full-coverage healthcare system in Cyprus.


The GeSY healthcare system in Cyprus keeps emphasizing to Cypriots how important healthcare services and their caliber are. Even though the nation’s health is generally good, the government and its citizens are working to advance new global health projects. 


The GeSY initiative guarantees that this will continue and that future inhabitants will be able to equally take pleasure in the Mediterranean lifestyle stress-free and without experiencing health issues.


As a result, Cyprus is the perfect destination for anyone looking to buy an investment property as well as a property to live in for the rest of their life. Cyprus offers a calm and ideal lifestyle for the future of the family, it has a lot to offer in the life of people who are really interested in investing, choosing a property and changing their lifestyle.


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