In an effort to capitalize on the rising demand for luxury real estate in the city, Dubai developer MAG has announced the release of four more ultra-luxurious mansions at its Ritz-Carlton Residences project.


The Sky Mansions, which are a part of the Keturah Resort, are each priced at Dh200 million ($54.45 million), and they come after the earlier release of eight mansions in the same development, bringing the total to 12.


Each property has four stories, eight bedrooms, a majlis, a media room, lounges, a spa, a gym, and a movie theater. Additionally, it features a private mooring that can accommodate boats up to 120 feet long.


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Talal Al Gaddah, senior executive vice chairman of MAG, said the presentation of the Sky mansions further heightens our overall enthusiasm, since we are happy with the response to our launches of the Earth and Water homes.


In response to a significant amount of project sales and demand, the project was created.


The UAE’s overall economy recovered last year after the coronavirus-caused recession, and Dubai’s real estate market experienced a boom.


In 2022, record-high transaction levels were attained, while records for the city’s most costly sales and rentals were also broken.


In comparison to 2021, the number of sales transactions increased 61 percent yearly in 2022, while the number of off-plan sales increased by 81 percent annually, according to data from the Dubai Land Department.


Changes to visa regulations have made it simpler for foreigners to reside in the United Arab Emirates, and ultra-high net worth individuals have descended on Dubai as a result of the city’s successful handling of the coronavirus.


Since prices are expected to increase by as much as 50% in 2022, according to Knight Frank, there has been a considerable increase in investor interest in the prime market.


The emirate, ahead of places like Miami and Paris, is predicted by the property expert to see the most prime price growth worldwide in 2023.


The market has echoed the optimistic forecast, with Allsopp and Allsopp anticipating a 10% to 15% increase in home values this year.


Until we reach a supply or /demand equilibrium point, premium or luxury residential locales will continue to experience more significant growth.


This is unlikely to happen anytime soon, therefore cash-rich investors looking for value will keep driving the market forward.


Dubai is seen as a safer alternative to many home countries as the world faces a very uncertain 2023. Due to this optimistic outlook, significant foreign investment will continue to flow into the city across various industry sectors.


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MAG said its mansions offer investors a unique experience by reflecting the natural elements of the sky.


The use of glass-framed courtyards, changeable architectural screens and covered terraces allow continuous journeys for the residents to engage with the interiors and gardens.


The overall Keturah Resort, which also contains a Ritz-Carlton hotel, offers homeowners access to the beach and will have a private members-only club, a women’s club, a kids club, Michelin-star restaurants and a retail promenade.


Dubai Property Prices


A new survey claims that the real estate market in Dubai finished a record-breaking year with significant price increases.


According to CBRE’s most recent Dubai Residential Market Snapshot, the 8,662 real estate transactions in Dubai in December brought the year’s total to 90,881, surpassing the previous high of 81,182 in 2009.


Apartment sales prices rose 0.6% month over month to an average of Dh1,168 ($318) per square foot, while villa sales prices increased 0.8% to an average of Dh1,385 per square foot over the same time period, according to CBRE.


Over the course of the year, the price of real estate climbed on average by 9.5%, with flats seeing a 9.5% increase and villas seeing a 12.8% increase.


Jumeirah continues to have the highest cost per square foot for apartments at Dh2,324, while Palm Jumeirah had the highest cost per square foot for villas at Dh3,921.


Apartment Costs In Dubai


In 2022, prices increased in high-demand regions of the city, like Palm Jumeirah, due to a lack of luxury homes.


Due to the UAE’s general economic recovery following the pandemic-induced downturn, prices increased in a variety of market areas as well.


Records were also made in 2022 for the most costly real estate sale and the costliest rental agreement, in addition to the overall number of transactions.


The average price of an apartment is 21.5 percent less expensive than it was in 2014, while the average price of a villa is 4.2 percent less expensive than the top. Nevertheless, average prices have not yet eclipsed the record highs of 2014.


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As the economy benefited from an infusion of high-net-worth individuals and the implementation of new immigration programs that encourage citizens to remain longer or migrate from abroad, rents have also increased quickly throughout the city.


According to Taimur Khan, head of research for the Mena area at CBRE in Dubai, residential rental growth also hit record levels, with apartment and villa rents climbing by 27.1 percent and 24.9 percent, respectively, in 2022.


Villa rents are now 45.3% higher than in 2019, with the average villa rent currently standing at Dh282,150, once again the highest level on record, due to a dearth of available villa stock for rent and rising demand levels for such property.


The average monthly rent for an apartment is Dh95,168, up 17.2% during the same period.


The quick expansion will affect demand, he added, even if it may be good news for landlords who enjoyed almost six years of declining rentals prior to 2022.


Due to landlords’ attempts to take advantage of the market conditions, Dubai’s rising rents have resulted in an increase in eviction notifications and rental disputes.


“Both the average rates of price rise and rental growth should continue to be positive in the upcoming year. However, we anticipate that the rates will stabilize and, in some more emerging communities with robust supply pipelines, even fall.

Business Bay, Dubai Marina, JVC, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Creek Harbour, and Palm Jumeirah were the top locations to purchase flats in 2022.


Dubai Marina came in second with 7,430 transactions, followed by Business Bay with 10,300 deals totaling Dh17.6 billion.


The success of Dubai real estate has been booming, and each market sector’s participation has been crucial.


The real estate market will achieve new heights of success in 2023 with a number of new constructions jumping on board.


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